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Many brands are defined by their logos and in most of these examples, these companies don't even need to use the name of their business as their logo is so well known (ie. McDonalds, Shell, Starbucks, Pepsi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Texaco to name a few.

It is a common problem that small business owners donít take the corporate identity development phase seriously. Common mistakes are designing a complex logo that was expensive to design but is unreadable from short distances and too difficult to reconstruct.

Most people aren't aware that the letters T, O, Y, O, T, A are found within the TOYOTA emblem. Such a design cost millions to create but most businesses aren't Toyota! We can help you design and create a fitting logo for your business at a very inexpensive cost.

PeddyGraphics can assist you in designing and creating a business related logo which not only makes sense, but is attractive, colorful and useful as a powerful marketing tool.

Prior to creating a logo design, it is significant to identify what target audience you are catering and why. Call us and we can meet to to discuss with you your company's needs.


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